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Improve Your Marriage in 30 seconds

30 Seconds (1)


Improve your marriage – Essentially EVERY couple, given the choice and the opportunity, wants to know how to do that. If you are married or in a relationship, chances are you will agree with me right off the bat – without having to think any further about it. A colleague and friend of mine shared this with me a couple of weeks ago and somehow it stuck with me. I don’t agree with Gottman on everything, but this is brilliant on so many different levels. And, it allows for a check-in with reality which – more often than not – tends to be a great place for couples to go back to every so often.

Is there something you can do in 30 seconds to improve your marriage?

See for yourself. Have a listen.

If you were asked that question today, would you know the answer?

What are his/her dreams? And what are yours? Do you even know that?

Do those two answers line up at all? When you got married, were they somehow part of the wedding vows?

Honoring your spouse is one thing. Honoring their dreams is another. Do you remember the last time that you and your spouse made a pact to do just that? Honor each other’s hopes and dreams? When you think about ways to improve your marriage, I wonder if this one comes up much. If I think about mine – I think I would have to say no.

And of course, as with most things, it seems easier said than done.

Improve your marriage –  right here, right now.

But it certainly can be done nevertheless. Do you and I have what it takes?

It takes a conversation.

It takes time.

It takes energy.

It takes responsibility.

It takes respect.

And, no surprise here, it takes love.

In the end, always remember love.

I often give couples in my practice homework – I am certainly going to keep this one in mind. Make time and figure out what the answer is. So that you know, without a doubt, how to best honor your spouse’s dreams.

It’s never too late to find out. Take my word for it. You can improve your marriage or relationship right at this precise moment in time.

If you need help walking through this one question or this process, perhaps you are unsure how marriage counseling works and what to expect, read THIS ARTICLE HERE. Once you are done, let me know if you have any questions. I always LOVE questions – and I look forward to seeing them in my inbox.