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What IS a Marriage Care Event | Minneapolis Marriage Seminar

Marriage Seminar Minneapolis

When was the last time you had your teeth checked or professionally cleaned by a dental hygienist? When was the last time you got your oil changed? Or your tires checked? Or your eyes examined? I bet that even if you don’t know the exact date, you will be able to tell me at least what month it was. And I bet it was within the last year.

Why do we care about all that? Why do we make appointments (months in advance sometimes) to take care of our teeth, our eyes or the well-being of our vehicles? Because if we don’t, — and yes, I said webad things happen.

If you don’t go to the dentist’s office every so often, you are bound to get a cavity or, worse yet, root canal. Along with that comes tremendous pain, discomfort, mandatory time off and a fat bill following the procedure. If you don’t take your car into the shop, or change the oil in your garage, you might get a flat tire at the most inconvenient of times and pay a couple hundred dollars to get towed. Or –  worse yet – ruin your entire engine as it cannot be running without oil being refilled periodically and having to replace it altogether.


Why am I bringing all this up?

Somehow in the midst of life, we have come to believe that we do not need to do that with our marriages or families. How that happened — How we ended up doing that without an acute awareness of negative consequences — is beyond me. If the same rule applies – that is, if you don’t take care of the things you care about, bad things happen – we should not be caught off guard that when not taking care of our marriages, our relationships end up not doing so well.


What a Marriage Care Event IS:

If the best way to spell love really is T I M E – then this would be the perfect opportunity. Here is what a Marriage Care Event is:

  • Something you do to make known that you value your relationship
  • Something you do to show the one you love that you CARE – about them & about your relationship and you act on it by TAKING CARE of that precious relationship
  • A chance for you and your spouse to spend some time ALONE together, uninterrupted & connect
  • It’s also a chance to learn a thing or two about what works & what definitely does NOT in a long-term relationship
  • It’s about being proactive –It’s about making your marriage a PRIORITY
  • It’s about being intentional – There are 168 hours in a week – how many of those do you give specifically and purposefully to the two of you? THIS – is your opportunity.
  • Finally, it is your chance to grow to love each other better & thrive in your relationship

What a Marriage Care Event IS NOT:

  • Something you attend only if your marriage is in the trenches and the D word has been thrown around a handful of times already
  • You two don’t even have to be angry at each other when you register (though if that’s the case, it does NOT disqualify you from attending)
  • An intense couples therapy session where you have to share your feelings in front of other people
  • Group therapy or crisis marriage (or other) counseling

Who is a Marriage Care Event for?

From newly engaged/married to the nearly divorced, and just about everyone in between, this event (much like any other MCE organized by Bogott Counseling) is geared towards couples at ANY stage of their relationship.


You do not NEED to be a newly married couple. But you can be. You do NOT need to be on the verge of divorce. But, again, maybe that’s where you are. Maybe you are somewhere in the middle, married for several years, perhaps you are on your second or third marriage and are hoping to avoid the mistakes of the past. At our events over the years, we have had couples that have been together for months and others that had already celebrated their 40th anniversary.

Here is some of the feedback for you to consider:

“(A Marriage Care Event is) a reality check on what we’re doing to each other that will never work.”

“It’s a way of working on strategies to thrive in a marriage – it demonstrates ways of thinking and acting that enable us to grow in love.”

“Really informal, dedicating time to explore your marriage and open up to spouse about issues, realizing that we both have some we can work on. It disarms fears.”

“A day set aside to examine weaknesses & strengths that we bring to a marriage while also hearing insights & encouragement from other married couples.


Here is what they had to say about the material discussed (AKA The Losing and the Winning Strategies). The material was:

“Easy to understand, not threatening”

“Practical & honest insight for any marriage”

“Well balanced professional advice & more personal candor”


Whatever the case, if you want to make known that you care about your relationship, this event is for YOU.


If you would like to be notified when our next event is happening, or have any other specific questions about this Minneapolis marriage seminar of sorts, please contact us via our contact page HERE. We hope you can join us next time!