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Fun Date Ideas for the not-so-creative couple

Yesterday I made a promise. To bring even more fun into this. And you may have already gotten the idea (since I gave it away in the title).


If you and your spouse are the playful kind, these will – hopefully – get you two well on your way. Or at the least, they will be a springboard from which you can fly and reach the un-reachable. (Alright, maybe I went a little overboard there.)

Because, let’s be real. Who doesn’t like to have fun, right?

Well, here I go – Fun Date Ideas as presented to you by this couples therapist.

Take it away!


FUn date ideas for you and your spouse for any day like this one

Fun date ideas, take I: Play the “Bookstore Game”


  1. Go to your favorite bookstore. Whether you love to read or you just go in there, accompanying another person out of obligation, EVERYone has a favorite bookstore. If for nothing else, you know you like their fancy drinks or the countless magazines you can have access to with no need to subscribe to a single one.

Decide on a time limit. You decide. It can be 5 minutes, 15 or 45. You are each your own team. When you go your separate ways, you are to go around the store and pick out as many books as you can get your hands on that fit any of the categories below. Once the time is up, you find some comfy space, and go through the titles, and decide who the winner is.

Categories may include but are not limited to (uh-oh! that sounds like it came from an attorney’s letter describing some need to prove your point in a case):

  • Book with the most ridiculous/funny/embarrassing/captivating title
  • The ‘who in their right mind would ever read this’ book title
  • The title with the largest number of words you don’t understand
  • The titles that made you laugh out loud in the store
  • The books you would really like to read. (You decide when – in the next month/year/decade…)


Fun date ideas, take two: PLAN A VACATION TOGETHER


Seriously, plan out your next vacation together. When was the last time you two went on vacation together? Just you two? You don’t remember, do you… ?

Please don’t say honeymoon…

BUT – if you do – even more so! You’ve GOT to do this then.

Do you even know what your ideal vacation would look like? Are the two sort of collide? Or are you two the EAST & WEST kind of couple when it comes to vacations? How can you combine your preferences in one vacation and still do it together? Compare notes on where you would like to go, what you would like to do.

And then – Ta-Dah!

Find a spot (in your state, the country or on the planet) where you can do just that – and then set a date, and make a plan. Start looking for airline tickets, good places to stay, the whole nine yards…

You should both be blissfully smiling in the end.


Fun Date Ideas, Take Three: Designing your Dream House


And I mean, go all out. Take DREAM to the next level – or to the level it should be. Maybe it will require you to close your eyes for a moment and just let it all sink in.

If you could do ANYTHING…. Anything in the world….

There are no limits to this.

Seriously. Are you paying attention?

Maybe yours would include an Olympic size pool in the backyard.

Maybe you would have a vineyard right as you walk out on the back porch.

Maybe you would include a hanger and a runway for the plane you are going to fly to get to work. Who needs cars.

Maybe your kids would have a corn maze.

Or an amphitheater to gather all your family and friends for regular children’s plays…

Or a climbing wall that you would need to take a chair lift to get to.

Do you see where I am going with this? DREAM. HOUSE.


What is it going to be for you?

Pick up a pencil and draw it on a piece of paper.

(I would suggest a deadline, otherwise you may be playing with this all night and forget to go to sleep)

When you are both done, see how in the dream world you can combine the two of them together, square footage being no issue.

I guarantee you will get some good laughs out of this. And you are guaranteed to learn something about each other that you never knew.


Fun Date Ideas, Take Four: The Numbers Game


Assuming you know how old your spouse is  – I’m kidding, kind of – get out a few sticky notes. Better yet, improvise with a plain white paper that you have cut up into into small pieces). Write a number on each piece of paper that represents an age, between 1 and however old your spouse is.

(So,say you spouse is 45, you will pick numbers between 1-45. And write them down. Make sense?)

Pick out seven numbers and put them in a pile, numbers facing down. When you are done coming up with the numbers, you give your spouse your pile and they give you theirs.

So, at this point, you have in front of you blank (because the numbers  you can’t see) pieces of paper that your spouse picked and wrote down.

Are you totally confused yet?

Take turns, picking out one of your pieces of paper and, – you go, they go – based on the number on it, answer the question:

What is my all time favorite memory when I was ______ (fill in the blank – 5, 17, 44 etc…)

If you don’t have an all-time favorite memory, what do you remember about that age growing up?

If you want to be more creative – come up with a question that you’ve always wanted to ask each other. Or not. And just stick to the instructions above.

This will take some time so you can see how much ground you can cover in 30 min.

Or an hour.

Alternately, if you are that couple (you know who you are) and get done SUPER fast, do come up with another question and then pick other ages to talk about.

Sky’s the limit.


If these fun date ideas are just a little over the top for you – feel free to go back to good ol’ simple date night ideas instead.

No judgement whatsoever.

One way or the other.

Just enjoy.



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