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Your marriage. You know this isn’t how you want it to be.

Ordinary. Unexceptional. Where you pretend everything is fine. Where you hardly talk about anything anymore.

Pretending isn’t gonna cut it. This is your marriage we’re talking about.


Now picture it like this:

You can’t wait to get home to see her. You love the time you spend together again. You can talk about the daily stuff, the hopes and dreams – And everything in between.


Your marriage. One of a kind is what you’re after.

A marriage you don’t need to leave. A spouse you don’t want to lose. That’s what you really want. No doubt about it.


 And that’s what you can make it.

The two of you together. You bring it back to life.


And that’s where I can help.

I take couples from crisis to contentment. What I offer is marriage counseling that actually gets to the bottom of what’s not working in your relationship, making a change that will last. Marriage counseling that will leave you with a toolbox full and skills in your back pocket that you’ll know to use for years to come.


Are you up for it?

Your marriage — Perfect? No. Real and exceptional? YES!

And it’s totally doable. I’ve seen it happen over and over again. Let’s make it happen for you. If you’d like to find a time for you and I to chat, schedule your initial phone consultation HERE.

Bogott Counseling: The Why

I believe in family.

I also believe that at the heart of a healthy family is the couple. Investing in your marriage is invaluable to your children as well as your spouse and will guarantee you more return on investment than any car or home you’ll ever buy. Being proactive in our relationships is the baseline of wellness.

I believe in marriage.

 Sadly, divorce is still spreading like wildfire. Whether we admit it or not, it’s happening all around our neighborhoods, faith-based and non-faith-based alike. In my personal and professional life, I come across many couples resorting to divorce without seeing that their marriage has a fighting chance and without ever realizing that their marriage is undoubtedly worth fighting for.


I believe in therapy.

I have had one too many couples over the last few years tell me that when seeking help for their relationship from a counselor (or two, or three), instead of marriage counseling they were told to just get a divorce. Frankly, that leaves me speechless at best and outraged at worst.

If you went to the mechanic because your headlights were out, and they told you that you might as well have it towed to the closest junkyard, you, too, would be irate, I hope. And perhaps it’s not your headlights – maybe it’s the engine, or the brakes, or the steering wheel. Either way, if that’s what you want done, you should be able to get that fixed. Isn’t that precisely why you are bringing your car into the shop?

When two people come together with the goal of wanting to resurrect their marriage, I don’t care how messy it might seem to them or to the world. Perhaps their marriage has been on life support for months, years even. Perhaps they want to just move it from good to great. In any case, I – as the therapist – am the last person to stand in their way. I have seen repair happen. And from where I stand, it’s always been an incredible view.


Meet Danka

imageIf you would like to find out who Danka is and how she works with her clients, please visit the Meet Danka page by clicking here.

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