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The Significance of Communication

There is always a conversation to be had. The only question is – is it happening in your head or out loud? How many bullet points do you have in your head at any given time? Topics you think or, better yet, KNOW that you need to bring up for discussion.


 If you are the parent, it’s YOUR responsibility to start. No matter how hard or how easy the topic, unless you have a chatter-box of a kid, you are going to need to start the conversation. If you are unable to share your thoughts, feelings and opinions/responses, your kids will make all sorts of assumptions about what that means for them.


Your kids – they learn from you. All the time. Whether you notice them watching or not.


They will pick up what you are laying down. They will learn what topics are off the table. They will quickly figure out what time is not appropriate or that there simply is no appropriate time. They will train themselves at perfecting the art of silence if that’s what you are throwing their way.  


Communication matters. It always has and always will.


And I am not talking text. Or FB message. In fact, I am quite opposed to the use of the above mentioned devices if you are saying more than the permissible “I’m running late”, “In a meeting” or “On my way”. When misused, it can create a havoc. When used in conjunction with face-to-face communication, it may not be quite as harmful.


And I trust this will not come as a surprise — this applies to couples just as much with only one distinction: The responsibility is shared.


 So much of this has become a regular part of couples’ intake sessions lately. More often than not, one or both of the partners have a complaint related to technology use or abuse.


Phone or Facetime is also not ideal but it is the next best thing to good old-fashioned, in-person, real-time conversation.


Think about it.