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My 5 Simple Date Night Ideas

5 Simple Date Ideas


If you are just joining us, welcome to the DATE NIGHT MARATHON – we have been talking about date nights all week this week. I’m glad you are here. Some think that date night went out of style and if that’s you, I’d love to prove the contrary right here.

We often get into a rut, right? Always doing the same no-effort-necessary 2-3 things, over and over again. And it gets boring. Besides, it also doesn’t really give you the benefit of a date night that you are probably looking for. If you are one that gets into a routine fast and are wondering if your date night preferences would be “disqualified” or if they would stand the test – and why that would be the case – Check out this article here from yesterday. How did you do?


Now that you know what to stay away from – or at least stop doing ALL. THE. TIME – here are five simple date night ideas for you.

Feel free to spice them up a little. They are called simple for a reason.



  • No. 1: Date Night Ideas – For the ‘no-surprise-necessary’ types

Pick up your favorite Caribou drink and go for a walk around your favorite lake (heaven knows there is LOTS to choose from around here).

Everyone has a favorite. Or explore Google Maps, find one that you have never been to and expand your horizons together.

So you don’t have to count your steps, share what your top 3 summertime memories were growing up.

  • No.2: Date Night Ideas – For the geographically not so challenged


Pick one of Minnesota’s famous scenic routes and go for a drive together. Summer, winter, autumn, spring – there is magic in all of them.

While you are at it, make sure you remember that favorite CD that you both love listening to.

Also, do your research in advance, find a cute coffee shop to have tasty lunch in the destination town, and for the drive back, find a game to play.

*Extra credit for these sorts of date night ideas: If you want to put the cherry on the top, prepare (yes, make at home, don’t run through Lunds or Byerly’s and pay for it) your favorite snack mix and bring that along for the ride, for you two to share. And yes, that also includes planning ahead.

Now, these are SIMPLE – I never said they didn’t require some time and preparation 🙂



  • No.3: Date Night Ideas – For the kitchen savvy

If you enjoy cooking, find a recipe that caught your attention last time you were looking through Food Network or Smitten Kitchen) and prepare the meal together.

Guess what?

You could even go and get all the ingredients together.

Over time, take turns who picks out the recipe.

*Fun Credit for these kinds of date night ideas: If you wanted to make it even more entertaining, divide the list in half, and see who finds their items first and beats the other person to the checkout line.



  • No.4: Date Night Ideas – For the book lovers

Find a book that you both want to read.

After the kids are in bed, sit down on the couch together and take turns reading it out loud to each other.

If it’s not fiction, at the end of every chapter, talk about what you just read.

Tell each other what you thought. What surprised you.

What you really loved or disagree with.



  • No. 5: Date Night Ideas – For the Game Enthusiasts

Go to your favorite spot in town, order your favorite drink or appetizer.

Sit in the very back so to minimize the chances of running into a million people you know and being interrupted and bring your favorite game to play.

Think of some fun rewards for the person who wins. (Maybe the other person will make their breakfast tomorrow morning and grant what they request. Maybe you end up giving the other a foot massage or a back rub for the next three days. Maybe….:-) … you get the point).



Date Night Ideas – No “one size fits all” approach


I am well aware and realist enough to know that not all of these date ideas are going to be a great fit for everyone reading this.

Yet my hope is that when seeing these, you might be able to either spice up your perhaps once exciting, now gone boring list of things that you do together. Maybe it will spark interest and make you come up with something completely new, that you never imagined yourselves doing as a couple.

What ever you end up doing, as long as you do something, I hope you enjoy.

I dare you.

I dare you to pick just one of these – and let me know how it goes.


PS: Keep your eyes open – because tomorrow – we’ll have even more fun!